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                 The winter hasn't been too bad so far this year. Lets hope it's milder than last winter. It will soon be spring and time to get out look for the birds heading north. We are staying close for our walks this spring except for our trip to Lake Erie which will be the third weekend in May. We will miss the Biggest Week this year. We will look for ducks the first couple trips and then migrants as they head north. We hope many of you can join us a few times. We shall be meeting at Buck Creek State Park at the parking lot at the corner of Croft and Robert Eastman Roads for all trips except for the Friday walks with the city park district and the Lake Erie trip this spring.
                Do not let inexperience keep you from participating on our field trips. We all started at one time and our leaders are always willing to help in any way possible. Be sure to dress for protection from the weather, mud, brush, and briars. Wear comfortable shoes that will keep your feet warm and dry. Bring binoculars and field guides if you have them. Young people are welcome, but children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or adult who has assumed responsibility for them.
                Times indicated are departure times, so be ready to leave the assembly point at that time.  Please call the leader if you plan to meet us somewhere other than the designated meeting place. For additional information call the leader listed for that particular trip.
                The weekend of May 19 to 21 will be our outing to Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge on Lake Erie. Contact Doug Overacker for information. You must contact Doug a week before the trip so that he will know how many people will be going.

Saturday, March 18th, 7:30 AM                   Buck Creek State Park
Leader, Doug Overacker  (324-1871)
Many ducks and other water birds should be passing through at this time. We could see 15 or more species of ducks for the day. We might also see loons, grebes, and gulls. Be sure to dress warmly enough and be prepared for muddy conditions.

Friday, March 24th, 8:00 AM                   Old Reid Park
Leader, Doug Overacker  (324-1871)
We will meet at the bridge on Pumphouse Road this morning. You can get there from Columbus Avenue or from Croft Road. We should get some close looks at several species of ducks plus see some other birds. The walking is easy for this walk that should last about 2 hours.

Saturday, March 25th, 7:30 AM                   Estel Wenrick Wetlands    Leader, Doug Overacker  (324-1871)
If you want to meet us at the wetlands this morning, we should be there by about 8:00. We will walk the trail through the woods first and then the trail through the prairie. We might see some early migrants and also some sparrows. The trails could be muddy so be prepared. The walk could last about 3 hours.

Saturday, April 1st, 7:30 AM                   Buck Creek State Park
Leader, Doug Overacker  (324-1871)
We will return to this area to look for ducks and other waterbirds. There might also be a few other early migrants. Several species of sparrows should also be around. Be sure to dress warmly enough and be prepared for muddy conditions.

Saturday, April 8th, 7:30 AM                        South Charleston Bike Trail
Leader, Doug Overacker  (324-1871)
Our trip last year was canceled by bad weather. Maybe we will have better luck this year. The walking is all on a paved trail so no boots are necessary. We might walk quite a long ways though. This is a great place for sparrows and we should see several species which might include White-crowned Sparrow and Vesper Sparrow. This is a half day trip.

Saturday, April 22nd,  7:30 AM     Battelle Darby Metropark
This is a great area in Franklin County. It has wetlands and woodland trails. Where we walk will depend on the weather and what birds have been seen in the area. It could be a little muddy. It will be a long half day trip. We should get back to Springfield before 1:00 PM so bring a snack if you want.

Saturday, April 29th, 7:30 AM                           George Rogers Clark Park
Leader, Doug Overacker  (324-1871)
We will be meeting at George Rogers Clark Park this morning. Go to the Demint Shelter which is at the end of the road below the lake. We will walk around the park which has a small lake and some woodlands. We should see a few warblers this morning plus a few other migrants. The walk should last a couple hours.

Friday, May 5th, 7:30 AM          Snyder Park
Leader, Doug Overacker  (324-1871)
We will be meeting at the clubhouse for the old golf course. Then we will walk around the area. We haven't explored this area much at this time of year but we should see several warblers and some other birds. Be prepared for wet grass. The walk should take about 2 hours.

Saturday, May 6th, 7:30 AM              Davey Woods and maybe Kiser Lake
Leader, Doug Overacker  (324-1871)
This is a very nice woods. The leaves will be out but this should be the peak of warbler migration and we should see lots of birds. We should hear Cerulean Warblers and if we are lucky see one. If the weather is nice and people want to look around a little more we might go to Kiser Lake for a while. This is a half day trip.

Saturday, May 13th, 7:30 AM                   Buck Creek State Park
Leader, Doug Overacker  (324-1871)
This is migratory bird day and we should see lots of birds including many warblers. All of the breeding birds should be back and singing along with many migrants. We will stay out as long as anyone wants to bird but since we are close to home you may leave at any time.

Friday through Sunday   May 19, 20 and 21      Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and Magee Marsh
Leader, Doug Overacker  (324-1871)
This is the best birding area in the state of Ohio for spring warblers. We will be up there after the biggest week so there shouldn't be as many people around but there should still be lots of birds. The leaves will be out making the birds a bit harder to find but we will have a better chance at late migrants like Connecticut Warbler and Alder Flycatcher. You should make your own lodging arrangements. Call Doug Overacker at 324-1871 for more information and to arrange meeting places and times.