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The picture is a Prothonotary Warbler taken by Doug Overacker.                 Last Updated 6/20/17

Saturday, June 24th   9:30 AM   Adams County Butterfly Count

The Adams County butterfly count will be held this Saturday. We are meeting at 3223 Waggoner Riffle Road at 9:30 for the count. Butterfly counts are run like Christmas Bird Counts. We count butterflies in a 15 mile diameter circle during the day and then meet at the end of the day to tally the sightings. Call Doug Oeracker at 324-1871 for more information.

Sunday, June 25th  9:00 AM  Scioto County Butterfly Count

We will count butterflies again in the next county east. Both Adams and Scioto Counties have lots of butterflies and also great bird habitat. This is an all day event and you should bring lunch. Please call Doug Overacker at 324-1871 for more information.

Recent Bird Sightings

The migration is over but there are still birds around. The big news recently is Dickcissels. We have seen them at several locations in Clark County this year. A couple have been singing along Grant Road in hayfields. There was also one singing near the north end of Hodge Road. On the BBS route we also found two of them singing at the south end of Fowler Road in a hayfield. Grasshopper, Savannah, and Vesper Sparrows are also singing on Hodge Road. Another unusual bird for Clark County at this time of year is the American Redstart. A couple have been heard along Grant Road in the woods on the west side of the road.

Lesser Black-backed Gull at Buck Creek State Park beach on October 16.

Lesser Black-backed Gull at Buck Creek State Park beach on October 16.

Franklin's Gull on beach at Buck Creek State Park on 10/15/16 and 10/16/16

Lark Sparrow by Doug Overacker June 13, 2015