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The picture is a Prothonotary Warbler taken by Doug Overacker.                 Last Updated 8/1/17

Saturday, September 2nd   7:30 AM   Buck Creek State Park

This will be our first bird walk of the fall. We will check the beach for shorebirds, gulls, and terns. Then we will probably look for warblers on one of the trails in the park. If the weather is right we could see a lot of birds. Even though the leaves are still on the trees, there are more birds to see in the fall because of all of the young birds. The bird populations can almost triple during the breeding season so that makes more individuals to see although there won't be quite as many species as we could see in the spring. Call Doug Oeracker at 324-1871 for more information.

Recent Bird Sightings

The fall migration has started. We saw a Forster's Tern on the beach at the state park on July 4. With each cold front there is a chance of shorebirds and maybe some terns to show up. There are still many nesting birds around. Grasshopper, Savannah, and Vesper Sparrows were found along Hodge Road on July 5 along with some Horned Larks and a Dickcissel.

Lesser Black-backed Gull at Buck Creek State Park beach on October 16.

Lesser Black-backed Gull at Buck Creek State Park beach on October 16.

Franklin's Gull on beach at Buck Creek State Park on 10/15/16 and 10/16/16

Lark Sparrow by Doug Overacker June 13, 2015