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The picture is a Great Horned Owl taken by Larry Jeanblanc.                          Last Updated 09/20/16

Saturday, September 24, 7:30 AM   Estel Wenrick Wetlands

We shall meet at the usual place at Croft and Eastman Roads and carpool to the wetlands. Please contact Doug Overacker at 324-1871 to make other arrangements. There is a nice trail through the woods and also another trail through the prairie. We will walk both trails. On the woodland trail we should see a few warblers. On the prairie trail we might see some sparrows. The walking is level and should be fairly dry.

Saturday, October 1, 7:30 AM   Buck Creek State Park

We return to this park for this walk. It is a great place to look for warblers, shorebirds and other migrants at this time of year. We should have a good list for the day. We shall meet at the usual location at the corner of Croft and ?Eastman Roads. Call Doug Overacker at 324-1871 for more information.

Recent Bird Sightings

Warblers have been moving through the area and we have seen about 15 species in the last couple weeks including a Golden-winged Warbler on September 19. Other migrants are starting to show up such as Blue-headed Vireos and Swainson's Thrushes. A few hawks have also been seen including a Sharp-shinned Hawk and a Broad-winged Hawk on September 19.

Lark Sparrow by Doug Overacker June 13, 2015